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Grumpy and ill-natured, Don John refuses to be cheered up by the fact that his brother has not punished him for rebelling. His henchman Conrade counsels patience, but Don John has no intention of being pleasant.
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The Tempest is written by William Shakespeare sometime around In the play, a sorcerer named Prospero is stranded on an island with his daughter, Miranda. He rescues a sprite named Ariel, who enters into his service to pay off his debt.
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It is moving day for the Younger family. Ruth and Beantha are making last minute preparations before the movers arrive.
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In a public show of concern, Claudius explains to his assembled courtiers that he cannot jail his nephew because Hamlet remains too popular with the people. A riot would inevitably occur if he punished Hamlet for his part in Polonius ' death, so instead...
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Back at Petruchio's country house, Kate begs Grumio to make her something to eat because she's starving, sleep deprived, and has been verbally abused by Petruchio. Grumio taunts Kate with tasty treats like ox foot and tripe animal entrails but ends up offering only mustard.
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Are you going to eat that scene 3
Act 1 Scene 3. page Act 1 when I have cause and smile at no man's jests, eat when I You need to act carefully if you're going to stay in his good graces.

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